Want To Start A Shiba Inu Business? Redditor Shares SHIB Business Ideas

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Shiba Inu logo on a black board, with the text SHIB STORE above it, on a white pavement.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own Shiba Inu business, one Redditor shared a list of SHIB start-up ideas the ShibArmy might want to try out.

Several Shiba Inu businesses, including the Shiba Coffee Company, have popped up in the past few months, selling SHIB-branded products and accepting Shiba Inu Coin. Meanwhile, mainstream adoption has come through the likes of AMC and Newegg.


Planet Crypto spoke to the Redditor to gain a deeper insight into SHIB’s business potential.

SHIB Business Ideas

In a post entitled “We can increase the price of Shiba by Creating Businesses” on r/ShibaAnalysis, Reddit user u/BeautifulEnd949 shared a list of domains that could all relate to Shiba Inu businesses. These include potential sites for Shiba Inu books, Shiba Inu delivery services, and Shiba Inu car resellers, which could all accept SHIB.

Speaking to Planet Crypto, the Redditor said there was a need for more SHIB businesses. “We need more to create demand for the use of the currency and therefore as basic economics, dictates increased demand will reduce supply pushing the price of Shiba Inu,” they said. “This will assist in making Shiba more desirable, thereby pushing the price higher.”


Of course, it’s not just about helping SHIB, as businesses can benefit from the branding, too. “The power of the Shiba is immense and there is a vacuum at the moment for Shiba businesses,” they said.

The Redditor, who said in the original post that they do not want any commissions for the ideas, did say they were open to consulting on SHIB start-ups. “If I could I would love to consult to all businesses starting or entering the Shiba ecosystem,” they said. "I enjoy research and conveying my thoughts to others to watch them develop and become prosperous."

The Redditor also described the ShibArmy as a “paradox of capitalism & socialism.”

“In capitalism, we aim to make ourselves richer. However, this is usually at the detriment of others in society,” they said. “However, with Shiba by creating businesses and attracting wealth to yourself, you are also increasing the value of the Shiba in everyone’s pocket - so you are in effect embracing a level of socialism.”


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[Image: Giorgio Trovato/Unsplash]