Shiba Inu Children’s Book Created To Show SHIB Going To The Moon

Shiba Inu book in front of a library.
Credit: Unsplash/Cristina Tello

Shiba Inu book in front of a library.
Credit: Unsplash/Cristina Tello

Two SHIB holders have created a volume of Shiba Inu children’s books that see Shiba Inu as a character going to the moon.

Cristina Tello and her partner Abel Ortiz have written and narrated a series of SHIB-inspired stories with tongue-in-cheek references to the Shiba ecosystem and cryptocurrency.

Planet Crypto spoke to them to find out about their decision to make the stories and an upcoming physical release.

SHIB Holders Create Shiba Inu Children’s Story

Tello first got the inspiration for the Shiba Inu children’s books after talking about SHIB in front of her children. “Our first crypto love was Shiba, and our kids would always see its logo,” she said. “And they fell in love with him, just as a character.”

After this, the couple started using SHIB as a character within the family, talking about how SHIB was going to take them all to the moon on a rocket ship. “You know, it’s how you try to relate things to kids,” she said.

The decision to write the stories came after she saw her children watching a storytelling video on YouTube about planets. “The kids said, ‘Look, it’s the moon, can you see Shiba?’, and that was my lightbulb moment.

“Let’s write a book about Shiba as a real character going to the moon for kids.”

After writing and printing a copy of the book about Shiba going to the moon in August 2021, Tello was first reluctant to share it outside of her family. She decided she would wait until the Shibarium Layer-2 launch until she would release the book. “We’d just wait it out until Shibarium comes, as that could be a great place to market it, and sell it,” she said.

However, at the end of May, the couple decided they didn’t want to wait any longer. They instead opted to just publish it in as a narrated animation on YouTube. “For three days, I didn’t leave the computer,” she said. Finally, the first Shiba Short Story - Shiba Goes To The Moon - was published, with Ortiz narrating.

Since then, they have released two additional stories, Shiba the New Dog on the Blockchain, and Shiba Eats Welly.

After releasing the stories, Tello said the ShibArmy had been incredibly supportive. “I was nervous about putting myself out there,” she said. “But now, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and really good support.”

Alongside new books, they also want to include some elements of education about crypto. “I want to add the educational aspects and the fun aspects, but also understanding the risks involved,” Ortiz said. They added these books were intended only for entertainment purposes only, seeing SHIB as a character rather than anything else.

As for printing physical copies, Tello says they do plan on doing so eventually. “We haven’t actually figured out all the logistics on printing,” she said. “Although I did put in a request to print the first three books, which I will have.”

However, she also said that they plan to give away physical copies of the books after they reach 500 subscribers on their YouTube channel, Stories With Us.

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