Shiba Inu Anthem: Rapper Releases Song Referencing SHIB

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Image of two dogs looking up at a ping, blue and purple sky, featuring a moon, Shiba Inu on a rocket, and the text 'To the moon SNSG'.

A rapper has created what SHIB hodlers dub the 'Shiba Inu Anthem' because of its reference to the Doge-inspired token.

The song ‘Madness’ by SNSG feat. Acey includes the line "Shiba Inu to the moon, we'll be rich real soon."

Planet Crypto spoke to SNSG about the decision to include a line about Shiba Inu.

A Shiba Inu Anthem?

SNSG said the inspiration for his Shiba lyric came from the enthusiasm he and his family share for the cryptocurrency. He noted the "joys and laughs" they got from working out their gains if SHIB ever hit $0.01.

The rapper from Royal Oaks, California also praised the Shiba community, calling it "one of the strongest I've ever seen".

"With the hype and excitement for Shiba Inu, seeing everyone in the Shiba community come together and believe in something, it was only right I tried to do my part," he said.

Responding to comments about Madness being a 'Shiba Inu Anthem', SNSG said he was glad to see people liked it. "I'm just happy to try and give the ShibArmy a voice."

SNSG is not the first person to combine SHIB and music. The company Bigger Entertainment released a 'SHIB BURNER' playlist to help burn SHIB. SNSG said this was "definitely something I’m willing to do to help the community," and asked those who can help them get on the SHIB BURNER playlist to get in touch.

As for the wider music industry, SNSG said he believes artists could find "huge success" with cryptocurrency, especially if they bundle NFTs with their music. "I think it’s a step forward instead of letting major record labels take most of the profit," he said. "More power to the Artist!"

Madness is available on most music platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.


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[Image: SNSG]

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