Shiba Eternity fan-made trailers get SHIB holders hyped

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Shiba Eternity SHIB game
Credit: Pixabay

We’re possibly just over a month away from the release of the Shiba Inu game, officially called Shiba Eternity, but outside of a logo and some cards, SHIB holders have seen little else about the game.

However, fans have now taken this into their own hands, creating mock-up trailers for Shiba Eternity ahead of its launch.


The latest comments suggesting Shiba Eternity could release in September, perhaps around the time of the Shibarium Public Beta. Here’s a look at the latest fan posts about the upcoming game.

Shiba Eternity fan trailers

One fan trailer, posted by, mocks up a cinematic look into Shiba Eternity. Dubbing Shiba Eternity as “a war between FUD and truth”, it features various shots of Vikings, Romans, and medieval forces preparing for battle.


Of course, there is no indication that Shiba Eternity will have a medieval setting. Little has been revealed about the plot or gameplay featuring in the game, barring a few cards and minor details. SHIB holders will need to wait until closer to release to find out for sure.

The trailer received praise from SHIB holders on Twitter, who continue to prepare for the eventual launch of Shiba Eternity. One SHIB member, Gossip SHIB, even noted that she had downloaded Hearthstone and was practicing in preparation for Shiba Eternity.


The upcoming game is part of the major collectable card game genre. As a card game, it will see players build and use decks of SHIB-inspired cards against each other.

Elsewhere, Shiba Growth Breed member LagoJoe posted a short mocked-up teaser of Shiba Eternity, which garnered praise from the community.

Shiba Inu and developer PlaySide Studios are expected to reveal further information about Shiba Eternity in the coming weeks. According to comments in the new r/ShibaEternity subreddit, testing is ongoing, and any public testing calls will be posted there.

Meanwhile, SHIB holders are still awaiting news on Shibarium, the Shiba Inu Metaverse, and projects contributing to SHIB burns.