How The SHIB Community Arranged A Meeting With A Turkish Politician

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A group of Turkish SHIB holders gained a huge amount of attention in March after revealing they had met with Mustafa Elitaş, the former Economy Minister of Turkey, and current AK Party Deputy Chair, to talk about SHIB.

With Shiba adoption (and SHIB burns) being deemed two of the major ways to increase the price of the coin, many holders became excited at the prospect of a major politician endorsing, or holding, SHIB.


Planet Crypto spoke to those involved in arranging and attending the meeting to see how it all happened. (Note: The following has been translated from Turkish, and edited for clarity)

How SHIB Met With A Turkish Politician

It all started with a meeting in the metaverse. In January, Elitaş appeared in the “first metaverse meeting” for his AK Party, using an Oculus Quest. The meeting was met with some praise online, particularly due to the willingness of those involved to use new technology. This then attracted the Turkish ShibArmy.


“We wanted to make our voice heard in Turkey,” said Vet Yusuf, a member of the Shiba Growth team who arranged the meeting. “We left a comment on the share of the meeting, and we reached him. The biggest support here was provided by the ShibArmy.

“I then DMed him and requested a face-to-face meeting.”

After Yusuf then contacted Elitaş, he visited the former minister at the Assembly. “I told him about the SHIB ecosystem, about our community.”


The SHIB community praised its Turkish counterparts for the meeting, with project lead Shytoshi Kusama sharing the achievement on Twitter.

Yusuf also clarified: “In no way did the meeting discuss ‘SHIB: the official currency’, or ‘SHIB: It will replace the Turkish Lira’, or any similar issue.”

However, Yusuf remains impressed with Turkey’s adoption of SHIB. “The Turkish community has adopted Shiba,” he said. “With the implementation of the cryptocurrency law, why not use SHIB as a payment method?”


Referencing a blog post by Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi, he said he always thinks about a phrase in the article when discussing adoption. “Imagine a fish market vendor in Durbs accepting 330 SHI for his dorado.”

Following the meeting, Yusuf said he hopes to keep meeting with other politicans, and encouraged the community to do the same. He again cited Ryoshi, reminding fellow holders that: “We are Ryoshi.”