Ryoshi Teased a ShibaCon Event For 2022, But How Likely Is A SHIB Event?

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In his latest blog post, Shiba Inu Coin founder Ryoshi gave his vision for the future of SHIB, which included a potential ShibaCon event.

The May post entitled ‘I am Ryoshi’ also included the likes of the ShibaSwap, Shibarium Layer-2 and a SHI stablecoin.


So, with the Dogepalooza festival already lined up, can we expect a ShibaCon any time soon?

What is the ShibaCon?

According to Ryoshi, ShibaCon would at first be a way for local SHIB holders to meet, before this expands into a larger, annual event in a different location each year.

Ryoshi said ShibaCon would need to be held in an “easily accessible location for global plebs that do not have oppressive visa restrictions”. Ryoshi gave the following examples: ShibaCon Bangkok 2022, ShibaCon Buenos Aires 2023, ShibaCon Budapest 2024.


Alternatively, a potential ShibaCon could take place a week before DevCon. DevCon is the Ethereum developer conference in Bogota, Colombia scheduled for late 2022. Shiba Inu’s volunteer project lead Shytoshi Kusama said in a July post: “I personally think it should coincide with DevCon.”

Could ShibaCon Happen?

With the current Shiba team working on projects such as Shibarium, the Shiba Inu NFT game, and the ‘Dog Park’, it could be that the core team has too much on its plate to host a global event in the next 12 months.

There is certainly a demand for a ShibaCon event from the now 1,000,000 strong ShibArmy.


Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic still hampers global travel - something Ryoshi noted in his original post. ShibaCon may be even less likely to happen next year with restrictions ongoing.

Instead, ShibaCon may be a more community-driven event, as Ryoshi predicted. “This obviously is much organization and growth for it to happen,” he said. “But I trust the community will take this challenge upon themselves to make it happen.”

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[Image: Unsplash/Product School]