Revolut Crypto Quiz Answers: How to earn 1inch on Revolut

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Revolut 1inch

On Revolut, users can earn free crypto by taking part in interactive quizzes.

By signing up for Revolt users can take the crypto basics quiz to earn £1.00 in Polkadot (DOT), the Polkadot quiz to earn £5.00 in DOT, and the 1inch quiz for £4.50 in 1INCH tokens.

Just like Coinbase’s P00LS quiz and Coinbase’s XCN quiz, users can answer educational questions to earn crypto rewards that can later be cashed out. This page will cover the Revolut 1inch crypto quiz and its answers.

Revolut 1inch Quiz Answers

The Revolut Crypto Quiz answers for 1inch are split up across five lessons. Here's a look at their answers.

Lesson 1 Answers

Question 1: Who facilitates an exchange on a DEX?

  • Answer: No one. The exchange is made peer-to-peer

Question 2: Which of the following is a decentralised exchange?

  • Answer: Uniswap

Question 3: What does DEX stand for in crypto?

  • Answer: Decentralised exchange

Lesson 2 Answers

Question 1: What is the name of 1inch’s price search algorithm?

  • Answer: Pathfinder

Question 2: How does 1inch find the best prices?

  • Answer: 1inch aggregates trade options across DEX platforms

Question 3: Which of the following is not a feature of 1inch’s Pathfinder?

  • Answer: Provide directions to your destination

Lesson 3 Answers

Question 1: Which of the following is a characteristic of a DAO?

  • Answer: Decentralised

Question 2: Who can vote on 1inch proposals?

  • Answer: Users who stake their 1inch tokens

Question 3: What is an example of a proposal that 1inch DAO members could vote on?

  • Answer: Allocating treasury funds for a particular proposal

How to earn crypto on Revolut

To earn free 1inch (1INCH) tokens, users can follow the steps below.

  • Open the Revolut app.
  • Go to the Crypto tab
  • Scroll down to ‘Learn’ then click ‘see all’
  • Select the 1inch quiz

Each lesson can earn users around $0.5 in 1INCH, meaning that if you answer every lesson, you can earn £4.50.

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