A Record-Breaking 6 Billion SHIB Burned In March

Shiba Inu Coin logo burning
Credit: Miguel Alcântara/Unsplash

The Shiba Inu community burned over 6 billion SHIB last month, the largest monthly total since community burns began.

Through a whopping 433 individual burn transactions, the SHIB burns are now worth a collective $154,000. In comparison, 1.5 billion SHIB was burned in February 2022, with the March total being larger than the past three months of Shiba burns combined.

So, just what drove the burn total up in March? Here’s a breakdown of the 6068313006 SHIB burned.

Shiba Inu Burns in March 2022

March’s large Shiba burn total can be explained by a surge of new, third-party tokens burning SHIB. Whether a marketing tool or built into their tokenomics, these tokens have divided the Shiba community over their methods.

The largest individual burn of March, and also of 2022, came from the Shiba Burn Token. This ERC-20 token destroyed 1 billion SHIB in one transaction.

The ETH SHIBA token was responsible for the third and fourth-largest burns - with each transaction destroying over 400 million SHIB. Through several other transactions burning hundreds of millions of SHIB, the ERC-20 token sent over 1.5 billion SHIB to the dead wallets during March.

Finally, the 1Cent token burned 386,563,38 on March 21 - the fifth-largest burn transaction.

While burn tokens made up a large proportion of the March burns, the second-largest transaction came from SHIB Super Store, who sent 595 million SHIB to the dead wallet. Through sales and the advertising revenue from mobile game Bricks Buster, it has destroyed 1.37 billion SHIB in total.

Through its renaming process, the Shiboshi NFTs burned a total of 64 million SHIB in 34 transactions.

Overall 12 transactions burned more than 100 million SHIB in March, while 54 burned over 10 million SHIB. March 22 and March 21 were the two largest days for the SHIB burns. These days destroyed 1.17 billion and 1.02 billion SHIB, respectively.

The month also ended on a strong note for burns, with the final four days in March each burning over 100 million SHIB per day.

Excitement about SHIB burns continues to grow, with the SHIB ecosystem set to implement its own burns in the future. In late March, during a SHIB: The Metaverse update, the team confirmed that the metaverse will burn SHIB.

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