Peter Molyneux Unveils Legacy - A Blockchain-Based Business Sim

Legacy Game Logo against a countryside background.

Legacy Game Logo against a countryside background.

Leading English video game designers Peter Molyneux, in collaboration with 22Cans, announced their newest gaming venture "Legacy," a blockchain-based simulation game that will bolster the adoption of NFTs and cryptocurrency in the gaming genre.

Molyneux's revealed the new game to the attendees at Galaverse in Las Vegas. This was an exclusive community gaming event celebrating the achievements of the Gala Metaverse ecosystem.

Legacy marks Molyneux's debut in the crypto gaming genre by employing the emerging blockchain tech in traditional simulation games. The game will launch on the Gala Games platform in 2022.

Peter Molyneux ventures into blockchain gaming.

Molyneux revealed Legacy will introduce its own token, LegacyCoin into the game. This will allow players to make trades, accumulate crypto and earn special rewards by unlocking LegacyCoins.

“I’ve been working on Legacy and it was during an out-of-the-blue call with an old friend Mike McCarthy (who was working at Gala) when there was a lightbulb moment,” said Molyneux speaking about the decision to launch Legacy as a blockchain title. “We came to realize I had developed a game perfect for crypto gaming. Every mechanic in Legacy was tailor-made for the blockchain environment.” Molyneux further added.

Legacy is a premium blockchain that allows players to build an empire by competing with players and expanding their empire by unlocking and earning LegacyCoin, a crypto token used to purchase in-house NFTs.

The game also offers exclusive and rare NFTs to the players, enabling them to earn unique rewards and gaming bonuses. Players are free to modify their in-house gaming ecosystem and trade LegacyCoin in an open NFT marketplace.

The Gala Games website already lists several NFT 'Deeds' for sale, although many have sold out. Just 67 NFTs remain available at the time of writing.

The now-sold out Startup Deed - the cheapest NFT - costs 6,660.436 GALA - or $3308. Meanwhile, the Heart of London Deed cost 1,844,429 GALA - over $900,000.

Molyneux is the creator of several iconic video games, including Fable, Populous, and Dungeon Keeper.

Founded in 2019, Gala Games is a video game company that utilizes blockchain technology to create engaging play-go-earn video games. The platform specializes in creating play-to-earn video games where users can purchase digital assets and trade them in online marketplaces.

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