One-Third of Shiba Inu holders have held for over one year

Shiba Inu Wallets
Credit: Unsplash

Shiba Inu Wallets
Credit: Unsplash

The number of long-term Shiba Inu holders has passed the one-third mark, as SHIB holders eagerly await the launch of additional projects on the Shiba Inu roadmap.

According to ShibaSwap auditor Certik, 34% of wallets have held SHIB for over a year, with 1.28 million holders.

This comes as more Shiba Inu news comes in surrounding upcoming releases, from the Shiba Eternity gameplay launch to speculation about the Shibarium TestNet.

Shiba Inu long-term holders

With 34% of wallets now holding SHIB for over a year, the number of Shiba Inu owners not selling for long periods seems to be on the rise.

In June, Planet Crypto reported that one-quarter of wallets had owned SHIB for over a year. Within two months, this number has jumped up by almost 10%, suggesting a large number first entered SHIB during this period in 2021, and have yet to sell.

Meanwhile, almost half of all SHIB holders have owned Shiba Inu for between 6-12 months. This 48% band of wallets likely came from the huge SHIB surge in October/November of last year.

According to Certik, the average wallet age among SHIB holders is around nine months.

However, this doesn’t mean that the 34% of long-term SHIB holders have not been selling. Instead, it means they still own at least some SHIB in their wallet. Even if they previously owned 1 trillion SHIB, having just 1 SHIB would still depict them as a long-term holder.

Even during the bear market period, SHIB did not seem to lose a large number of holders. This number remained around the 1.2 million level. Factoring in holders on exchanges, this number is likely much higher.

Holders are eagerly awaiting the launch of several upcoming Shiba releases, including the Shiba Metaverse and ShibaSwap 2.0. More pressing, is the launch of Shibarium, however. Check out the latest Shiba Inu news for more on these new SHIB developments.

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