New NFT Projects 2022: What New NFT Collections Are Coming In 2022?

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NFTs have become extremely popular among the masses, with more new NFT projects being launched each day in 2022.

While the likes of CryptoPunks, Axie Infinity, Moonbirds NFT and the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs are already established, there are plenty of other new projects also coming out.

With so many NFT choices on OpenSea, it may become quite hard to decide where to start. So, here's a selection of unique upcoming NFT projects for inspiration.


New NFT Projects Releasing In 2022

These are just a selection of new NFT projects that have launched or are set to launch in 2022. While Bowie on the blockchain's sale has been delayed, we have some other NFT projects for you all to look and select from.


Parallel is an Ethereum based sci-fi trading card game where the cards themselves are NFTs. Although the first set of Parallel NFTs were launched in 2021, the game itself and other card sets have yet to be released. Parallel NFTs can be bought on Opensea and there is a wide range of card types to browse through from asset cards, art cards, card backs and special edition cards with limited supplies.

Some cards are rarer than others, but just about every card displays great eye-catching artwork that brings the lore of the Parallel universe to life. Card pack events take place occasionally where registered Parallel users can purchase card packs that belong to a specific release period. Potential players will need to collect Parallel cards to build a deck that they can use to compete with other Parallel players in the future.

A beta version of the Parallel trading card game is due to be released before 2023.

Goblintown NFTs

Goblintown NFTs are 9,999 generative NFTs built on Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs come in a free to mint NFT format and permit users to modify it's elements, considering it's a CCO NFT project.

Moreover these NFTs have been launched without any official roadmap or a discord, which is one of many factors that stirred interest among NFT enthusiasts.


y00ts and t00bs


y00ts are 15,000 profile picture NFTs on the Solana blockchain. yt00ts come from the makers of DeGods, one of the most popular Solana based NFT collections. Alongside y00ts are t00bs NFTs. t00bs are needed to mint a y00ts NFT. One thing that makes y00ts NFTs different from other profile picture collections is that y00ts have unique ownership rules. Each y00ts NFT has a ⓨ registry. Owners of a y00ts NFT will have the ability to monitor who has been approved to use their NFT’s IP. Requests to approve or reject the usage of an NFT can be done swiftly on the blockchain.

The y00ts collection will also have a dedicated marketplace for customisable y00ts traits. Artists will be able to propose custom made traits for y00ts NFTs and whoever owns the registry of a trait will be able to sell it on the marketplace. For each sale of a trait, owners will get 5% of all royalties.

yoots nft logo


Following the trend set by Goblintown NFTs, Moonrunner NFTs are 10,000 pixelated wolf like NFT characters. Just like Goblintown NFT, Moonrunner NFTs also do not possess their own discord or roadmap and have been launched in a story driven format.


The project will mint one NFT a day, forever. Nouns also will have its DAO which is responsible for collecting the proceeds earned via the sale of these NFTs. The main treasury is governed by Noun holders who ultimately decide the course of the project.



Another metaversal project that has been garnering interesting reviews across the internet.

The game includes a meta verse setting where users can raise their pets to rank high on the leaderboard.

Users will also be allowed to use the TAMA token to cash out crypto rewards.

Nike NFTs


While not officially announced yet, Nike seems ready to enter the NFT space in 2022 following its acquisition of RTFKT Studios, a company that creates digital shoes.

John Donahoe, the president and CEO of Nike, said: "Our plan is to invest in the RTFKT brand, serve and grow their innovative and creative community and extend Nike’s digital footprint and capabilities."

2022 could mark the year further mainstream companies venture into the NFT world. So be on the lookout for more down the line. However, the brand has recently launched a new Ducks of a Feather NFT project offering 120 limited edition NFTs in collaboration with University of Oregon alum Tinker Hatfield.

Doodles 2

Doodles 2 is an upcoming project by the ever-famous Doodles NFT team. The details related to the project are yet to be unveiled but considering the massive popularity of the project, it will surely be a hit. The team has also recently onboarded popular singer Pharell Williams
as its chief brand officer. Along the lines, William will also be producing an NFT inspired album dubbed Doodle records in association with Columbia Records

Bored Ape Yacht Club Metaverse

One of the widely anticipated projects indeed, BAYC Metaverse is an excellent new venture announced by the creators of the BAYC NFTs. The team is also looking forward to launching a new metaverse game in collaboration with Animoca Brands. Moreover, the BAYC team has already unveiled a new token called ApeCoin which is pegged as"the" token powering the grand BAYC ecosystem. Yuga Labs, the creators of BAYC NFTs have also released a teaser trailer of their upcoming game "The other side" on Twitter, giving the users a glimpse of how the BAYC metaverse will unveil in near future.



David Bowie's estate, in partnership with the Ethereum-based NFT market, Opensea, will release "Bowie On The Blockchain." Nine artists will create NFTs inspired by David Bowie to help raise money for CARE, a global humanitarian charity. The Bowie on the blockchain collection will feature art from Young & Sick, JAKE, PussyRiot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, Jonathan Wolfe and more. CARE is a leading humanitarian charity fighting poverty around the world.


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