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New NFT Games: Upcoming Cryptocurrency NFT Games Launching in 2021

If you’re looking for new and upcoming NFT games to play in the cryptocurrency sphere, there’s quite a lot of choice.

NFT games have taken the world by storm in mid-2021, with Axie Infinity nearing 1 million active players.

As games and cryptocurrency further combine, creating new gameplay aspects that reward players with digital assets, here’s a look at some of the upcoming NFT games for 2021 and beyond.


New NFT Games

There are plenty of upcoming NFT games set to launch on various blockchains in the near future.

Here’s a selection of five NFT titles coming soon.


If you want an NFT game that is coming out this month, Binamon will launch on August 28, with an aim to compete with the play-to-earn Axie Infinity.


In Binamon, players can open Binamon packs to collect Binamon - NFTs that sit on the Binance Smart Chain. These monsters can then feature in battles against other players. Alternatively, players can stake or trade their Binamon to earn BMON.

According to Binamon's press release, some Binamon NFTs sold for $50,000.

The Sandbox

Initially a mobile title, The Sandbox is Animoca Brands' next play-to-earn title, following an investment into the game's rebuilding.


The Sandbox will be a virtual voxel-based world running on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows players to sell or monetise the assets, games and content created within the world.

Players will build this on LAND - The Sandbox's digital plots - which they can then monetise or sell in exchange for SAND - The Sandbox's token.

The Sandbox's first public alpha will release later in 2021.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Based on the iconic BBC TV show, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will enter the NFT ecosystem with a full release in Q4 2021.


This trading card game will compete with a variety of other NFT titles such as Gods Unchained attempting to replicate the success of Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra, but in a new format.

Players can already buy packs of these cards via the Doctor Who: World Apart site. Cards are split up into various categories including Creatures, Companions, Moments, Phenomenon and Planets.

The Doctor Who-based NFTs sit on the Ethereum blockchain, with the game using vUSD as its marketplace currency.


Illuvium's first open beta is scheduled for December 2021, with its full release also reportedly coming in Q4 2021.

This open-world auto battler features a roster of over 100 Illuvials. Players can earn by participating in PvP Arena battles, or through PvE missions.


Illuvium also runs on the Ethereum blockchain, using its ILV token.

Illuvium's mobile version will launch in 2022, ahead of a full sequel in 2023, according to its roadmap.

Guild of Guardians

Published by Immutable, the company behind Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians is a mobile fantasy RPG set for a full release in early 2022.


Players will be able to trade their loot with other players, earned through gameplay.

Over 120,000 players have pre-registered for the multiplayer dungeon RPG, which puts a focus on giving players "true digital ownership" of in-game assets via NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

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