Minima blockchain partners with file-sharing giant WeTransfer

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Mobile-native blockchain network Minima has partnered with file sharing platform WeTransfer.

The partnership will bring both companies together to create an NFT marketplace on the Minima network.


Minima’s blockchain network will go public in March 2023.

Layer 1 blockchain Minima partners with file-sharing giant WeTransfer

Minima is the first mobile-native layer 1 blockchain. Access to the Minima network, which is now in test net, can be gained by downloading the Minima app from Google Play.

From Minima:

The Minima network will enable people or devices to exchange value or information directly and securely, without third-party interference. Minima has no centre of control, as each user - by simply downloading a mobile app - contributes to the network as an equal participant.

The Minima network will be fuelled by its native Minima cryptocurrency where peer-to-peer transactions and decentralised applications will be at everyone’s fingertips.

The network’s partnership with WeTransfer will allow Minima users to create and launch NFTs seamlessly from their mobile phones. WeTransfer’s CCO, Damian Bradfield welcomed the company’s partnership with Minima in a recent statement:

WeTransfer is thrilled to work with Minima, whose vision is aligned strongly with ours to seamlessly connect people and facilitate innovation and creativity without sacrificing privacy.

Particular features that the partnership will bring are still under wraps but the news comes as a surprise for those interested in all things web3.