Litecoin Foundation Ventures Into Esports, Signs A Deal With Professional Team Nefarious

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Credit: image by Executium via Unsplash

Litecoin Gaming, in association with Litecoin Foundation, has signed a sponsorship deal with a professional Esports team Nefarious.

The team will compete under the "Litecoin Gaming" banner in top-tier tournaments, to promote Litecoin Foundation's efforts and undertakings.

The team will mark its sponsorship debut under the Litecoin Gaming banner while competing in games such as Rocket League. Founded in 2018, Nefarious has won numerous tournaments, including Dreamhack Beyond Boost Cup.

Litecoin Foundations Enters Esports

The Litecoin Foundation, which promotes the adoption of Litecoin, is all set to sponsor Nefarious, an American professional Esports team.

The Litecoin Foundation acknowledged Nefarious is a team "known for their tireless work ethic, dynamic team construction and focus on the mental aspects of gaming."

Commenting on the deal with Nefarious, the CEO of Litecoin Gaming AxiS stated: "Rocket League is a great addition to our already rapidly growing organisation. We are entering the professional Esports scene within the top 16 in the world of Rocket League.”

AxiS also said the partnership means Nefarious can help endorse Litecoin to hundreds of people.

Crypto analysts believe the sector merging with esports is an excellent way to attract more users.

Speaking about the collaboration, Space Beer, coach of team Nefarious stated: “I’m very excited about the opportunity to have the team join and help Litecoin Gaming grow. Having an organization that believes in us and the value we bring is fantastic and I’m looking forward to the future alongside Litecoin."

Esports-crypto collaborations are known to increase brand visibility and attract more credible user traffic towards host platforms. In recent years, the Esports sector has emerged as one of the leading potential domains utilized by crypto companies. Exchanges such as Coinbase and FTX, use Esports to endorse their brands and seek increased user activity on their platforms.

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[Image by Executium via Unsplash]

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