LG Plans To Launch Smart NFT TVs

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South Korean tech behemoth LG has recently announced its plan to launch NFT-enabled smart TVs.

In a statement released by the LG head of home entertainment business division Park Hyung-Se, LG will soon be rolling out a new range of smart TVs with active NFT integration.


The announcement comes at a time when Samsung, another leading South Korean electronic company and LG's competitor on the field, already revealed its newest range of smart TVs that support NFT integration.

LG Planning To Launch Smart NFT Television

The announcement comes a day after Samsung officially confirmed the launch of its newest range of NFT TVs. These will allow users to browse, buy and trade NFTs directly from their television.

Park Hyung-Se, LG's head of the Entertainment Business division further stated that LG "definitely" has plans to launch NFT TVs. They also said its smart OLED televisions are already optimized for implementation


The NFT inclusion in smart televisions will allow users to directly access the NFT marketplace from their TVs.

The latest announcements made by the leading tech giants drew considerable attention from Twitter users. Many users asserted that their strategy to integrate NFTs in smart TV is not a very pleasant marketing move.

NFT integration in smart TVs is another milestone acknowledging the rising popularity of non-fungible tokens in the global crypto space. The two leading tech giants stepping into the NFT domain may help accelerate the NFT adoption pace.

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[Image: LG]