K-Pop NFTs arrive from new NFT platform NOW.Drops

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kpop nfts
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South Korean internet corporation NAVER has partnered with LINE to make K-pop NFTs.

NAVER’s NOW.Drops NFT platform will work with LINE’s DOSI wallet to allow K-pop fans to create NFTs of their favourite K-pop groups.


The LINE NEXT NFT venture aims to expand NFT access for businesses like NAVER.

K-pop NFTs

NOW.Drops users can create customised NFTs using Now.Drop's K-pop coverage.

To do so, users must first create a web3 DOSI wallet from LINE and connect to the NOW.Drops NFT platform. Once connected, users will need to purchase NOW.Drop’s Crystal NFTs to be able to capture K-pop moments.


After acquiring Crystal NFTs, users will be able to select a K-pop moment to crystalise into their NFTs.

NOW.Drops will assist a K-pop group's comeback with fans who have created an NFT using that group's moments. NFT holders will get a chance to take part in their favourite K-Pop group’s comeback by voting on supporting banners and more.

The first K-pop group to be featured on NOW.Drops are NMIXX. To celebrate the event, NOW.Drops NMIXX NFTs were distributed through a lottery system to people who applied to be a part of the airdrop.

Outside of NOW.Drops, LINE recently established its own NFT venture, LINE NEXT. Alongside LINE’s blockchain services, LINE NEXT aims to expand the NFT ecosystem and innovate the NFT experience.

From LINE’s statement about LINE NEXT:

NFTs are a kind of technology infrastructure that will transform the digital space and innovate the user experience in all areas, such as content, gaming, social and commerce. LINE has over a decade of proven experience as an innovator, becoming one of the most popular tech companies in Asia.

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