Internet-Breaking SHIB Project Could Be Announced Next Week

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Shiba Inu logo in front of Wi-Fi symbol in blue background
Credit: Unsplash/Baby Abbas

Shiba Inu could reveal its 'internet-breaking' project next week as it seeks to continue its stretch of new SHIB announcements.

As confirmed by Shiba Discord mod Queenie during the latest Shiba Inu AMA event, the Shiba community will likely see a surprise announcement in the coming days, with all signs pointing towards a fashion collaboration.

Here's a look at what it could be.

New Shiba Project Coming Soon

First teased by Shiba project lead Shytoshi Kusama in January, the internet-breaking project first came about after the Welly's partnership announcement.

After this, Shytoshi noted it was not the internet-breaking announcement he had in mind. “We have another deal 98% locked that will break the internet,” he said on the Shiba Discord.

While some SHIB holders may have expected it to come during the February 22 AMA, this focused on updates to already-revealed projects such as the Shiba Metaverse.

However, as the community questions of the AMA wrapped up, Queenie said:

Shytoshi has said to me, “Something is coming. And it will be appreciated for ever and ever."

She then expanded on this later in the AMA, stating:

The thing that is coming, it should be next week, I believe. A surprise is coming next week, or at least in the coming days.

So, what could the surprise announcement be?

A Shiba Fashion Line?

The use of the phrase ‘for ever and ever’ links into several wider teases from Shiba Inu for a fashion-related project. This is possibly with British fashion designer John Richmond.

As we laid out last week, Shiba sleuths found a number of links between Richmond and SHIB. These include the phrase ‘for ever and ever’ in a similar font, used by both parties in social posts.


The links to a fashion project were further corroborated during the AMA. Here, after teasing next week’s surprise, Queenie said: “SHIB will always be best dressed.”

Shytoshi then echoed this ‘best dressed’ sentiment with his tweet after the event concluded.

There’s always the chance this fashion partnership doesn’t occur, and a completely different project comes through. After all, did anyone expect a Shiba fast-food franchise in Italy?