How To Cash Out On Coinbase

How to cash out on Coinbase

How to cash out on Coinbase

Whether it's about facilitating new Coinbase listings or transferring funds from Coinbase to PayPal, Coinbase is equipped with all the necessary crypto services. But do you know how to cash out on Coinbase?

Coinbase is known as a leading crypto exchange, and in its bid to maintain that position, the exchange is going all ahead, launching new Coinbase quizzes to tempt consumers and solidify its fan base.

Let's take a look at how users can cash out their funds from Coinbase.

How To Cash Out On Coinbase

According to Coinbase, if a user wants to cash their funds, they need to do so by selling their cryptocurrency in exchange for cash. Then you can easily transfer your funds to your bank account. To begin the transfer, a user must follow the instructions mentioned below:

From a Web Browser

  • Click on Buy/Sell.
  • Click on Sell.
  • Select the asset you want to sell.
  • Click Sell Now.

From Coinbase Mobile App

  • Tap on Sell.
  • Select the asset that you want to sell.
  • Tap preview and then sell now.

After selling your cryptocurrency, you can now send your funds back to a bank account. Here's how.

Cash Out From a Web Browser:

  • Select your cash balance under the assets tab
  • Tap on cash out and enter the amount you want to cash
  • Click Continue
  • Select your cash-out destination and click on continue
  • Tap on cash out now to complete the transfer

Cash Out From Coinbase Mobile App

  • Tap on cash out under more tab
  • Enter the amount and select your transfer destination
  • Preview your cash-out transaction
  • Tap on cash out now to complete the transfer

Why Can't I Cash Out On Coinbase

There are numerous times when Coinbase puts a temporary hold on your funds before you can withdraw them to your bank account. Coinbase's website states:

For security reasons, you won't be able to immediately cash out your local currency using a linked bank account or send crypto purchased with such funds off of Coinbase (we call this cashout availability).

Once the funds are free to move, users can conduct a simple transfer to get their funds back in their bank accounts.

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How Long Do I Have To Wait To Cash Out On Coinbase

According to Coinbase, for customers based in the US, it takes up to 1-5 business days for the amount to reflect in their respective accounts.

For European customers, it takes up to 1-2 business days. For UK consumers, it takes just a day for the transfer to reflect in one's bank account.

Canadian users can use PayPal to instantly move their funds to their respective bank accounts.

If you're sitting waiting for Coinbase to cash out your funds, check out the latest on the Coinbase bankruptcy discourse, or how to delete your Coinbase account.

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