Bomb Crypto: How To Buy Bomb Crypto (BCOIN)

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Bomb Crypto is another new NFT game that enables players to earn NFT rewards as well as allows players to buy its native token BCOIN which is tradable on multiple crypto exchanges.

The gameplay involves players managing a group of cyborgs that fight monsters and hunt for hidden BCOIN in the game.

The game also includes Bomb Hero characters as NFTs that the user can earn and upgrade. Each bomb hero possesses different stats that can help a player during gameplay and earn more BCOINs.

How To Buy Bomb Crypto?

The players can follow the steps mentioned below to purchase Bomb Crypto (BCOIN):

  • Create a Binance account and purchase BNB from your fiat currency.
  • Transfer your crypto from Binance to MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • Visit PancakeSwap and purchase Bomb Crypto by swapping the purchased BNB with Bomb Crypto.
  • Check whether the crypto (BCOIN) purchased is stored in your crypto wallet.

It's also worth noting that Bomb Crypto only uses one cryptocurrency - BCOIN. The cryptocurrency BOMB, known as Bomb Token, is not affiliated with the NFT game.

Bomb Crypto Details

Bomb Crypto, like other top play-to-earn NFT games, offers compelling NFT characters in the form of Bomb Heroes that the players can own and upgrade.


The storyline involves a player managing a group of cyborgs who are programmed to fight multiple monsters in the game. Each bomb hero is unique, and players can upgrade characters to improve their statistics and combat abilities.

Moreover, the game includes an exciting Treasure hunt mode. This involves players deploying bombs in the mining area of the game to search and acquire BCOINs.

Each Bomb Hero possesses five power statistics that can be categorized into Stamina, Range, Bomb's destructive power, movements and speed, and lastly, the Bomb Hero's strength.

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