Pay for in-game currency, items, and power-levelling with crypto at

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Eldorado lets you pay for in-game currency, items, and power-levelling with crypto.

There are few better ways to spend your money than on having fun, and is the perfect way to skip all the non-fun parts of your favourite video games.


You don’t even have to spend fiat money. Thanks to a 2022 update, Eldorado lets you buy digital currency with crypto, giving you a new way to get your hands on lots of that precious in-game gold, expedite your progress, or buy an account outright.

How does work?

Say you’re playing Old School RuneScape and you’re struggling to keep up with your fellow players. Maybe you don’t have the time. Maybe you’re just starting out and lack skills. Either way, you’re not having as much fun as you should be.

A trip to will sort you out, whether you’re looking for currency, an account, items, or a boost to your own account.


Let’s start with currency. Navigate to the Old School RuneScape entry in the Currency section of the site and you’ll find a whole range of sellers offering gold in different quantities, with different exchange rates and delivery times.

Each of these sellers is user-rated, too, so you can be sure of finding a trustworthy supplier. Oh, and did we mention that you can buy OSRS GP with crypto?

Exactly the same goes for accounts. There are tons of sellers, offering accounts with a variety of different characteristics. For instance, one might have 40 ATT and 80 STR. Another might have 40 ATK, 70 STR, and 70 RNG. All accounts are priced according to their value and sold by rated sellers.

The Items section of the website lets you buy Granite Hammers, Steel Bars, Scythes of Vitur, Ghrazi Rapiers, Hydra Bones, and pretty much anything you like, with every item priced according to its rarity.


Finally, you can opt for a boost, paying other players to level you up, complete quests or minigames, obtain, and even carry out custom requests. Whatever you need, in OSRS, EVE Echoes, WoW, GTA 5, and a ton of other games, can hook you up.

Head to to get started.