Ethereum Altair Upgrade Date: When Will The Altair Update Launch, And What Does It Mean For ETH 2.0?

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Ethereum Altair will be the first upgrade to the Ethereum network since the London Hard Fork introduced burning, but when will it go live?

The Altair upgrade is one of several cryptocurrency upgrades scheduled for late 2021 releases. The Cardano Alonzo hard fork went live in September, while the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade will launch in November


Here’s what to expect from the Ethereum Altair upgrade.

Ethereum Altair Upgrade Date

The Ethereum Altair upgrade is scheduled for a release on October 27, at 10:56:23 AM, or epoch 74240.

As justified in its GitHub post, this is a “reasonable-ish time for most contributors”, aside from California.


While with past upgrades, the final date is confirmed much closer to launch, proof-of-stake allows the Ethereum Foundation to set a precise time, according to Danny Ryan, a researcher at the foundation.

Ryan told users to look out for a blog post on October 4 that would include all the mainnet Altair releases. However, the post released on that date focused on the Translation Program, and did not reference Altair.

The Ethereum Altair upgrade, as described in EIP-2982, will introduce punitive parameters, or in-protocol penalties for validators to further protect the network’s security.

What Does Ethereum Altair Mean For ETH 2.0?

Altair is the first upgrade for Ethereum 2.0’s Beacon Chain and represents another important stride forward towards the full ETH 2.0 release.


The Beacon Chain adds staking to the Ethereum network and will eventually merge with the mainnet to remove Ethereum mining.

While we don’t have a full Ethereum 2.0 release date, the Altair blog post stated: “Altair is here; the Merge is coming.”

The Ethereum Foundation initially targeted an end-of-September Altair launch. Given the until October 27, this could suggest ETH 2.0 will see further delays, too.

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[Image by Marco Verch under CC BY 2.0]