New Dogecoin Tip Bot Releases On Twitter

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Dogecoin holders can now send DOGE tips on Twitter after the SoDogeTip Bot made its way to the platform.

SoDogeTip is a community-made tipping bot that has found success on Reddit. It replaced the previous Dogetipbot that shut down after its creator struggled to replace the DOGE funds they took out of the service to fund their business.

Planet Crypto spoke to the SoDogeTip developer to learn more about its move to Twitter.

Dogecoin Tipping On Twitter

Going by u/just-an-dev, SoDogeTip’s developer said he is confident in the value of Dogecoin tipping, even with Bitcoin tipping. They said: “Dogecoin was an entry point in crypto for a lot of people. We have a friendly community. Twitter tips will increase the number of people who will look at Dogecoin.”

The developer also pointed out that Dogecoin has low transaction fees, making it perfect for small tips.

Once users sign up for the SoDogeTip service, they can send small portions of DOGE to Twitter accounts by calling the SoDogeTip bot.

Sticking to the core of Dogecoin’s values, the developer does not have any specific goals in mind for SoDogeTip. “I hope it will be used a lot, but like the Reddit tipbot, we provide a service to send Dogecoin easily, but we don't have a goal of a number of users or something like that.

“Most people get involved in tipping by receiving a tip. The friendship of the community does the rest. They receive their reward, and send back to others when they love their content.”

As for what users should tip, the developer said: “Any kind of tweet can be rewarded, whether it’s a good post, a link to an article, or a good meme. Reward someone who helped you on a subject, reward some creator, or just for fun.”

While SoDogeTip is live on Twitter, it is not a finished product, and still has some issues. “We have finished all development, and the tipbot is running” they said. “We are dealing with Twitter support about restrictions that don’t allow us to reply to DMs or send verification messages with the txID of the tip.”

They also said they will reduce the permissions the tipbot needs on your Twitter account.

Of course, there will always be some caution around the new tipbot following the closure of Dogetipbot. Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus, who described Doge tipping as “one of the best use cases”, recommended not storing coins in the tip bot, aside for too long.

You can find out how to sign up for the SoDogeTip bot from this guide.

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[Image: Unsplash/Dan Nelson]

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