DOGE Developer Creates First NFT on Dogecoin Blockchain

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Dogecoin artwork in a frame at a gallery, representing the creation of a DOGE NFT.

A Dogecoin developer has claimed to have created the first-ever NFT on the Dogecoin blockchain.

Providing the details of the transaction, the developer known as @inevitable360 posted a Twitter thread explaining how the process involves storing the Checksum of their digital asset on the blockchain.


Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, exploded in popularity during 2021, but its users stuck to the Ethereum blockchain for most transactions.

NFT Created on Dogecoin Blockchain

In a comprehensive Twitter thread, the user claimed to have employed Sha-256 hash functions to complete the minting process. He further explained how the minting process involved storing the digital asset on a Checksum or a small size block data which is often derived from another computational block.

The ownership of the asset can be cross-verified by authenticating the Checksum embedded in the digital asset.


After posting their NFT transaction, the creator received support and attention from other developers, including the Dogecoin founder, Billy Markus.

Many in the comments praised Dogecoin NFTs for their low transaction fees when minting compared to Ethereum, for example. The developer said their NFT cost just 0.01 DOGE ($0.0018) to mint. Michi Lumin, a Dogecoin Core developer, said: "NFTs without the gas fees and less energy usage. V. nice. Also Doge. Wow."

The NFT developer shared a similar sentiment. They said: "Any artist, musician, painter, composer or anything else, can be easily be converted to an NFT and prove it's yours and original, with almost any costs for anyone."


Aside from giving them high praise, many Dogecoin holders also tipped the developer, using the SoDogeTip bot that launched on Twitter earlier this month.

Surprisingly, the comments were largely clear of any price speculation, or predicting this could help DOGE explode in value.

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[Image: Unsplash/Ståle Grut]