Does MetaMask Support Solana?

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MetaMask's growing portfolio spans countless cross-blockchain transfers including Uniswap and PancakeSwap, but does MetaMask support Solana too?

Solana has established a successful foothold in the crypto industry and is soon ticking off one of the crucial elements of its roadmap by launching Solana Saga.


MetaMask too is looking forward to launching its MetaMask token, since the wallet has acquired a central position in the crypto domain. Let us dive deep to know whether Metamask supports Solana or not.

Does MetaMask support Solana?

Unfortunately, MetaMask does not support Solana and is unable to offer services that can help MetaMask enthusiasts add Solana to their Metamask wallets.

MetaMask is an Ethereum based wallet, and only supports blockchains that are written or coded in "Solidity programming language."


In simpler terms, the coding written in Solidity programming language is the basis of the Ethereum virtual machine, which MetaMask exclusively supports.

Solana is a blockchain-based token that is written in Rust language. Therefore, it is unable to secure the support of its MetaMask crypto wallet.

When will MetaMask add Solana?

Since MetaMask is unable to support any other token which is not compatible or written in Solidity coding language, the Solana team has confirmed that it will soon roll out an EVM-compatible version of the network in collaboration with neon labs.

The update will further help the firm in deploying SOL in Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible format which will ultimately result in MetaMask supporting Solana without any further obstructions.

However, a fixed date has not been announced as of yet. We'll keep this space updated with fresh information when it comes. In the meantime, users can make use of Phantom wallets to get their Solana proceedings executed on time.