DeFi education app Rabbithole rewards users with free crypto

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If you're searching for ways to earn free cryptocurrency rewards, you don't have to look further. There's a new app in town that lets users earn free crypto rewards by interacting with DeFi (decentralised finance) apps.

Rabbithole is a new DeFi education app that allows users to earn free crypto rewards by completing interactive tasks that enhance their crypto knowledge.

The platform boasts an extensive repository of cryptocurrency tasks for DeFi newcomers.

Enter the Rabbithole

Each quest on Rabbithole is made up of skills that users have to complete to earn free crypto rewards.

The app educates users on layer 2 networks, DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) and DeFi protocols with interactive tasks such as sending ETH to a layer 2 network or voting on a DAO's snapshot proposal. Upon completing the tasks, users can earn crypto rewards and a Rabbithole NFT.

Per the official website, DeFi platforms and crypto companies can make use of Rabbithole to let Rabbithole users learn about their projects by interacting with their platforms. Each quest on Rabbithole includes skills that users have to complete to earn free crypto rewards.

Rabbithole was founded with the intention of making DeFi learning easy and accessible. The platform addresses issues related to navigating the complex DeFi space by making it easier for the average user to gain relevant knowledge of DeFi apps before jumping straight into them.

Furthermore, the platform helps DeFi apps with reaching new audiences by streamlining an app's functionality with easy tasks, making them more approachable for newcomers.

In the future, Rabbithole is working towards adding more DeFi quests to broaden its service portfolio.


Users keen on exploring the app can check out Rabbithole's Discord. Follow Rabbithole's Twitter account to keep up to date on new quests when they're released.

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