Cyberpunk 2077 Watch Launches, Complete With Its Own NFT

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Cyberpunk 2077 watch in yellow box.

CD Projekt partnered with Błonie to launch a Cyberpunk 2077-inspired watch that comes with an NFT.

The T-2077 watch is a limited edition product that comes with a digital certificate of authenticity on the Ethereum blockchain.


Here's a deeper look into the new NFT and watch combination.

Cyberpunk 2077 Watch

The T-2077 is a limited edition timepiece that comes with a wide variety of features. These include a robust retro design combined with an elegant LED display, which lets the users take full control of the display settings.

T-2077 will be delivered with a blockchain-based digital passport in the form of NFT. This comes in partnership with, and is compatible with Ethereum Blockchain, allowing users to validate their ownership and legitimize their purchase as the sole owner.


“Since time immemorial, craftsmanship has been the sole property of the physical world. We need not look further than the watchmaking industry as an example of this. Now, thanks to blockchain technology, the possibilities NFT certificates unleash are boundless for any creators of physical products,” said.

Speaking about the partnership with CD Project, Błonie said: "We approached the CD Projekt team with a concept for a watch that we felt would seamlessly blend in with the streets of Night City. I believe we have achieved just that. As a Polish watchmaker, it is a dream come true to work with a world-renowned video game company and one of Poland’s largest companies.”

The watch is available for sale at CD Projekt RED GEAR online store for $499. It was made available on a pre-sale basis, starting from December 1.

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