Coinbase P00LS Quiz Answers: How To Earn 00 Token On Coinbase

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With Coinbase’s Learning rewards scheme, Coinbase users can earn cryptocurrencies by answering quiz questions about Coinbase’s featured assets.

One of Coinbase’s featured cryptocurrencies is P00LS (00 Token). Coinbase users can answer questions about P00LS (00 Token) to earn up to $3.00 in 00 Token to trade on Coinbase.

This page will take you through the P00LS (00 Token) quiz.

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Coinbase P00LS (00 Token) Quiz Answers

Here are all the answers to the Coinbase POOLS (00 Token) quiz.

Question 1: What is P00LS?

Answer: A social token platform for fans, artists, creators, and brands.

Question 2: What is the 00 token?

Answer: The official token of the zerozero ecosystem.

Question 3: How does P00LS connect fans with creators?

Answer: Giving social token holders their phone number.

How To Sign Up For The Coinbase P00LS (00 Token) Quiz

Users can register to earn Coinbase Learning rewards by following the steps below:

  • Sign up for Coinbase and visit the dashboard.
  • Click on Learning rewards
  • Scroll to see all the listed quizzes. Select the P00LS (00 Token) quiz.
  • Take the quiz and answer all the questions to receive your free tokens.

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