Cardano eTukTuk will be first blockchain-run automotive

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eTukTuk, the world’s first automotive project to utilise blockchain technology, was unveiled at the World Economic Forum.

eTukTuk will use Cardano's blockchain to deliver cheap transportation to Sri Lanka.


Thanks to the Cardano network, eTukTuk will use peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to facilitate affordable, rapid transactions.

eTukTuk powered by Cardano will be first blockchain-run automotive

eTukTuks will run on electricity rather than gasoline, and charging stations will be installed throughout Sri Lanka to help eTukTuks travel throughout cities and towns.

All rides will be managed by the Cardano blockchain, which will make use of Cardano's fast transaction speeds and low gas prices to make eTukTuk rides as economical as possible.


According to eTukTuk:

eTukTuk is the world’s first blockchain transportation ecosystem designed with sustainability in mind.
Our unique infrastructure and transportation successor have been carefully developed to reverse the pitfalls of the past, igniting a spark in revolutionary transportation that will be built for an efficient and mobilised future for us all.

The eTukTuk team decided to work with Cardano because of their “scalability, interoperability and sustainability”, factors that eTukTuk want to prioritise when bringing the electronic vehicles to developing nations.


With over "270,000,000" TukTuks spewing damaging CO2 emissions worldwide, eTukTuk's goal of revolutionising public transportation for the betterment of the planet and developing nations' economies comes one step closer with the support of Cardano.

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