Bomb Crypto Marketplace: How To Trade NFTs in Bomb Crypto

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Bomb Crypto Hero holding BCOIN token
Credit: Senspark
April 27, 2022: Updated to reflect latest transaction volumes and sales on the Bomb Crypto NFT marketplace.

Bomb Crypto has officially launched its Bomb Crypto NFT marketplace, allowing players to trade NFTs.

As one of the top NFT games, and most popular Binance NFT games, users can now buy and sell in-game properties such as Villas or purchase special characters such as Super Legends.

Bomb Crypto is among the new NFT games to have found recent success. According to DappRadar, it has over 68,000 weekly users and a weekly transaction volume of $340,000, but quite the drop-off from its 240,000 weekly users and transaction volume of $38 million from January. Here's how to use the Bomb Crypto Marketplace.

Bomb Crypto Marketplace: How To Trade NFTs

To use the Bomb Crypto Marketplace and buy or sell NFTs, you will first need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the marketplace. Once connected, you will need to purchase Bcoin or any Bomb Crypto-compatible cryptocurrency. This will allow you to buy the in-game NFTs such as heroes, villas, and houses.

After this, you can make use of the various filters and search settings on the NFT Marketplace to find your desired item. The Marketplace allows you to filter by rarity, ability, and even lets you pick specific stats.

Players can only buy and sell heroes and houses through the marketplace, rather than transferring between accounts, according to the developers.

Finally, a word of caution. If players buy the same item at the exact same time, a first-come-first-serve rule applies, with unsuccessful players still losing the gas fees. How exactly a first-come-first-serve rule works when people buy an item at the same time remains unclear, however.

Bomb Crypto Marketplace Prices

These are the following prices for items in the Bomb Crypto Marketplace


  • Super Legend: 700 BCOIN


  • Tiny House with Minimum price: 360 BCOIN
  • Mini House with Minimum price: 1200 BCOIN
  • Lux House with Minimum price: 2700 BCOIN
  • Pent House with Minimum price: 4800 BCOIN
  • Villa with Minimum price: 7500 BCOIN
  • Super Villa with Minimum price: 10800 BCOIN

As of April 27, 8762 Heroes and 1499 Houses have sold in the last 30 days, for a combined 11.65m BCOIN - worth around $791,000 at current prices.

What is Bomb Crypto?

Bomb Crypto is the latest Play to earn game built on the BSC network. The game involves players managing a group of bomb heroes with different statistics in a quest to seek Bcoins rewards and hidden NFTs.

Players can either purchase bomb hero through Bcoins earned in the game or through a crypto exchange. They can also buy them through in-game rescue missions while playing the game online.

The gameplay includes three gaming modes including a treasure hunt, story, and PVP mode where users can fight monsters, defeat other players and participate in treasure hunts to gain special items/rewards and NFTs.

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