Bitcoin and the Ethereum Merge: How The Merge affects Bitcoin

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Bitcoin and Ethereum coins.
Credit: Pixabay
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The upcoming Ethereum merge may have a significant impact on the entire crypto ecosystem, but what about Bitcoin? Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin and Ethereum merge factors are interwoven?

The Ethereum 2.0 release date is near, and with that, its impact on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is being openly discussed and weighed upon.


Among diverse topics and opinions being into play, the fabled event of flippening is one of the most extensively discussed topics which, according to several crypto enthusiasts, could become a reality after The Merge.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Merge- wen flippening?

It has already been discussed how the highly anticipated Ethereum merge can severely affect stablecoins and Shiba Inu, especially those who rely exclusively on Ethereum.

However, apart from other central cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin too has become swept up in Merge discussions.


One such predicament that has become the recent talk of the crypto town is the fabled flippening. This is an event where Ethereum's market cap valuation exceeds the valuation of Bitcoin.

Although fabled in essence, ETH flipping Bitcoin is considered more likely in the post-Ethereum merge era.

Ethereum has recently been rallying ahead in terms of value and trading volume has boosted the possibility of flippening, while Bitcoin has been swaying back and forth currently sitting around the $20,000 mark. With The Merge in full effect, bullish stances on ETH have intensified.


However, for this to become a reality, Ethereum will have to double its market cap to trigger the flippening.

Ratiogang, which tracks the price of ETH relative to BTC, notes the ETH:BTC price ratio must reach 0.159:1 for the flippening to happen. Currently, it is at 0.076:1.

This may require a consistent bullish stance of traders, particularly more for Ethereum. And, in a world where holders are asking when the next bull market is amid several crypto crashes, look increasingly unpredictable. What happens to the Bitcoin and Ethereum relationship after the merge still remains up for debate.