How Bigger Entertainment Created The SHIB Burner Playlist - And What’s Next For Its Shiba Inu Burning

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Last month, the Shiba Inu community rallied behind Bigger Entertainment after the company released its SHIB Burner playlist, destroying 20% of royalties earned through the songs.

The SHIB Burner playlist kicked off the explosion of community-based Shiba Inu burning projects. These include a mobile game burning SHIB through its ad revenue, and a coffee company burning some of its profits.


Planet Crypto sat down with Bigger Entertainment owner Steven Cooper to get the inside story on how the Shiba playlist came about, and what hodlers can look forward to in the future.

The SHIB Burner Backstory

After missing out on early investments in Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Steven bought into SHIB in February after a colleague recommended it. “The way this guy was talking about SHIB, it stood out to me,” Steven said. “There’s a lot of hype to it, but the hype is actually based on things.”

After immersing himself in SHIB, Steven eventually discovered the burning mechanism and dead wallet that Vitalik Buterin sent 41% of SHIB’s supply to. He described this as a “lightning bolt” moment that came together pretty quickly.


“I started making calls to all the artists, and [launched] as soon as it was ready - we got it ready in like two days,” he said. “SHIB then all of a sudden started skyrocketing at the same time - it was kind of a stars aligning moment.”

Since its success with the SHIB Burner playlist, Bigger Entertainment rebranded itself as 'The First Crypto Record Label'. It now has a massive amount of interested artists, Steven said.

“The first day we announced it, we got well over 100 demos. I’m still backed up on my emails from answering just demos alone. There’s a whole community within the crypto community that I think this is a cool way to start highlighting them.”

As for the other burns that were inspired by Bigger Entertainment’s playlist, Steven said he loves them. “Again, the community aspect of this is what I think is the coolest part about SHIB.”


Of course, not all the reactions were so positive. “There’s a lot of people out there wondering how much difference this really can make,” Steven said. “As this grows, 50,000 listeners would be our starting point goal. And 50,00 listeners would burn 300 million SHIB a day.”

“If we really tapped into the power of the full SHIB community, you could be talking a lot more than that.”

At the time of writing, Bigger Entertainment has destroyed 561,341,481 SHIB.


However, Steven did stress they don’t want people going overboard with the streaming. He said: “We don’t want people going crazy and doing a lot of fraudulent activity - that does go against the store’s Terms of Service and could get the playlist removed. We want to make sure people know this is just a normal way to discover music. Don’t go too crazy to where this whole thing disappears, right?”

The Future of SHIB Burning

Following its SHIB Burn Party that destroyed over 400 million SHIB, Bigger Entertainment’s next big event is the ‘A Very Merry Shiba Christmas Party’ (We’re calling it the SHIBmas Party), which will see the release of custom holiday merch.


“I think the merch is really cool... and so we have a bunch more collections we’re gonna introduce for that,” said Steven. “We have a lot of new artists coming on board because of all the emails that came in, and so hopefully those will be ready by Christmas.”

After the Christmas party, Bigger Entertainment’s next event will be a worldwide March Madness bracket, Steven revealed to us. “We want to do a March Madness worldwide bracket where people are competing with their brackets and burning SHIB at the same time,” he said. “I think that’d be really fun.”

You can check out the SHIB Burner playlist here.

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[Image: Bigger Entertainment/engin akyurt]