When Is The Big Time NFT Game Release Date?

Big Time NFT game image, of a character in a field staring out at a giant grey tower and blue sky.
Credit: Big Time Studios

Big Time NFT game image, of a character in a field staring out at a giant grey tower and blue sky.
Credit: Big Time Studios

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Big Time Studios is set to launch its brand-new RPG NFT game, but when can we expect the Big Time NFT game release date to be?

While many of the best NFT games out there come from the trading card genre, Big Time will instead offer players a chance to collect NFTs for use in RPG gameplay.

Through these NFTs, users/players are free to level up their game, enhance their look, and purchase in-house gaming items through the Big Time NFT marketplace. Let's take a look at what's in store for these players.

Big Time NFT Game Release Date

Big Time NFT game has a release date of 2022 for PC, with a beta version also in the works, according to a recent interview.

An Early Access version of Big Time is also slated for early 2022. Players who purchase one of the 12,000 VIP passes, released on December 14, will be granted access to this version.

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The most recent release from Big Time comes in its 60,000 SPACE NFTs on December 21. SPACE is a virtual land NFT, designed to unlock extra gameplay features and utility within the game.

The Big Time NFT team has unveiled its recent roadmap, adding new exciting features for the users to anticipate in near future.

The perks and utilities have been divided among special pass holders.

While ruby pass holders can enjoy features like account wipe, artifact fragment collecting, etc, the invite-only beta and space holders will get armories and wearable crafting and improved friend-finding respectively.

We'll keep this post updated when new information about Big Time comes out.

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What is Big Time NFT Game?

Big Time NFT game is an RPG action game that allows users to join teams, hunt monsters, and acquire loot.

The game offers unique in-game items such as customized personal weapons and clothes. Players can also personalise their time machine and collect NFTs whenever a team accomplishes an in-game feat.

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The storyline offers a compelling narrative where players with their team embark on a mission to fight famous historical figures and uncover a mysterious threat that threatens the in-house gaming world.

Recently, Big Time Studios successfully acquired funding of $21 million to incorporate NFTs into the gaming economy. With this venture, the company is all set to merge the soaring NFT sector with the popular gaming domain to increase user activity and help mainstream crypto integration in gaming.

As per Big Time NFT studio's CEO Ari Meillich:

The way the game is designed, people with zero blockchain experience are going to start collecting NFTs that have real-world value without having to have any previous knowledge about what blockchain technology is about. So ultimately, we’re trying to make the underlying technology invisible and just keep the value proposition for the users.

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