Anon Inu: Anonymous Announces New Cryptocurrency To Fight In The 'Meme War'

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Anonymous has allegedly created its own cryptocurrency token called 'Anon Inu'.

Speaking in a video released on a verified Anonymous YouTube channel, one member singled out both Elon Musk and China. They vowed to fight both in the "meme war" and the "crypto war", respectively.


The Anon Inu whitepaper, however, focuses more on charitable aspects of saving and rescuing Nihon Ken dogs. These are a collection of breeds that includes Shiba Inu, the face of many 'meme coins'.

Here's a brief look at the new Anon Inu cryptocurrency.

Anon Inu explained

Anon Inu is a Defi token allegedly created by Anonymous. Currently only available via Pancake Swap, the token will have a total supply of 1 quadrillion ANON INU.


At the time of writing, the total supply is nearly 580 trillion ANON INU. It currently has a price of $0.0022.

Anon Inu has a transaction fee of 10%, with 5% of each transaction distributed to holders. 2% of the total supply is held in a charity wallet, according to the Anon Inu website.

However, given the decentralised nature of Anonymous, there is some scepticism as to whether Anon Inu actually has the backing of Anonymous. Some users in the comments praised the Anonymous message that criticised Musk and China but expressed frustration at the marketing of a new token.

This is not the first time Anonymous has become involved in cryptocurrency. In June 2021, a video released by an individual allegedly part of Anonymous criticised Musk's tweets about cryptocurrency as having "destroyed lives".

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[Image by Tarik Haiga on Unsplash]