AmpliFi, eHive & Pos32: Ethereum PoS Validator Yield Tokens Race to Be the Best

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AmpliFi, eHive and Pos-32 are DeFi platforms that allow users to earn Ethereum from active proof of stake (PoS) validators.


Since our previous article on Ethereum PoS validator tokens, all three have made significant updates.

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As Ethereum matures into its PoS consensus, new inventive ventures will continue to emerge.


On September 30, 2022, AmpliFi released a detailed roadmap for its ecosystem. From Q3 2022 through Q1 2025, the plan outlines AmpliFi's future and additional token features.

Highlights of AmpliFi’s roadmap include centralised exchange listings, partnerships, yield aggregators and liquid staking. The platform also announced the inclusion of transistors.

Like AmpliFi’s amplifiers that users need to generate ETH rewards, transistors will require fewer AmpliFi tokens to create.

From AmpliFi’s Medium post:

Transistors are mini-Amplifiers. They’re created using 6 #AMPLIFI tokens (compared to 20 for Amplifiers) and earn a competitive yield of 128% APY.

Going by AmpliFi's roadmap, the platform intends to extend its reach beyond Ethereum's validator revenue and into the lending and borrowing market.

Ethereum Hive (eHive)

On October 4, eHive announced the acquisition of 10 Ethereum validators.


Out of their competitors, eHive has the most Ethereum validators generating Ethereum for eHive stakers.

eHive has grown from a small token in DeFi's wild west to a medium-weight gainer with a growing community.


The youngest of the Ethereum validator tokens is PoS-32. After a stealth launch in late September, PoS-32 went on to acquire 4 Ethereum validators.

In recent Twitter posts, PoS-32’s developer stated that they would like to eventually raise validator rewards by increasing their ROI percentage.

The developer also intends to add staking as a service to the platform by bringing in outside projects to stake Ethereum on PoS-32’s platform.


All three platforms aim to offer something new and different in the crypto market. We'll keep you updated on their progress.

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