Airbnb Hints At Accepting Crypto As Payment Option On Its Platform

Airbnb logo on a circle sign attached to brick wall.

Airbnb logo on a circle sign attached to brick wall.

Rental giant Airbnb may add support for crypto payments in 2022 after the latest tweet from its CEO. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky took to Twitter to share the top Airbnb suggestions made by users, in which cryptocurrency payments were the top suggestion.

In September, Chesky told Fox Business his company had received numerous requests prompting Airbnb to accept cryptocurrency.

If implemented, Airbnb will join the league of many prominent companies such as AMC and PayPal to help mainstream cryptocurrency adoption by adding support for payments.

Airbnb Hints At Crypto Support

On January 3, Chesky asked his Twitter followers to share their comments on Airbnb services. He invited suggestions for new services that the users would like to see launch on the Airbnb platform in 2022.

After going through numerous tweets, Chesky picked out the relevant suggestions. Adding support for crypto payments was the most popular request made by multiple users.

Users also asked for services such as clear price displays, a loyalty program, updated cleaning fees, and improved customer service.

Chesky also stated that he's seen a variety of crypto tokens ideas, giving rise to speculation hinting that Airbnb may pursue crypto payments by adding support for multiple crypto tokens.

In its initial IPO offering, Airbnb stated that it needs to adopt cutting-edge technology such as cryptocurrency and blockchain to remain successful in the future.

Airbnb's recent inclination towards crypto payments comes amidst stiff competition from decentralized travel app Dtravel and Travala.

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