Will Crimson Desert Be Multiplayer?

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One of the best features a game can utilize is the multiplayer option. Not just it would literally allow players to play alongside other players, but it could potentially make players stay longer to grind a game because of the social interaction taking place whenever they would want to play as multiplayer.

Although, there are some games that would prefer to not use the multiplayer feature, but rather instill a co-op scheme instead. And for Pearl Abyss’ upcoming open-world game Crimson Heart, they may take this direction moving forward.

With that being said, here’s everything you need to know if Crimson Desert will be multiplayer or not.


Will Crimson Desert Be Multiplayer?

Crimson Desert will be using a single-player campaign inclined with the game’s nature of being an open-world title.

It means that the game will not be directly multiplayer, but you may have the option to play alongside other gamers who are completely independent of the solo gameplay.

That would be the co-op or cooperative scheme wherein your friends may help you take on some tasks in Crimson Desert. This is highly integrated into the game because of the open-world feature it will present.

So, even if there are still a few details available as of the moment of the writing, we can already say that Crimson Desert will not be an MMORPG, but rather an open-world cooperative game that you can play as a solo player or with others.

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