Is Crimson Desert A Sequel to Black Desert?

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Crimson Desert is slated for release this winter of 2021, which will begin on December 21, 2021, to March 20, 2022. This was already confirmed months ago by Pearl Abyss.

But there is also another thing confirmed by the game developers which primarily involves their 2015 MMORPG title Black Desert Online. And it answered what fans have been curious about since the reveal for the upcoming game.

Keep reading to know if Crimson Desert is a sequel to Black Desert.


Is Crimson Desert A Sequel to Black Desert?

Crimson Desert is not a sequel to Black Desert. The upcoming game will have new characters and a different storyline.

This was confirmed by Pearly Abyss themselves, although it was revealed that Crimson Desert was originally planned to be a prequel to Black Desert. However, this didn’t manifest, but the sure thing is that the former is set on the same universe as the latter.

Crimson Desert Trailer

You may check out the official trailer of Crimson Desert that was released in last year’s The Game Awards.