The Big Cookie Run: Kingdom English Update Lands Today

A full, official, and impressive English voiceover update lands for Cookie Run: Kingdom today, finally spelling an end to the in-game 'Coming Soon' button that's been taunting players for some time now. The Korean-made mobile RPG has boasted prominent Japanese voice actors since its release earlier in the year, but today marks a new dawn for the title. Many notable English voice actors and influencers now lend their voices to the game's colourful cast.

Understanding the need to add English voiceovers to the game, Devsister co-CEO Jongheun Kim said, "our diverse Cookie characters are at the heart of our game and really come alive with their unique voices and personalities."

So who's heading up the big new Cookie Run: Kingdom update? Jeremy Shada has been called upon to voice GingerBrave, the hero of the game's expansive story. Having voiced Finn the Human in the pop-culture classic Adventure Time franchise for over a decade, he's a fitting highlight to a voice cast that's set to kickstart a new era for the game.

New cookie recruits Twizzly Gummy and MaLa Sauce bring the total number of playable characters to 64. With mouthy Sugar Gnomes and Cake Monsters commonly conversing throughout the story, a lot of tasty treats have gotten fresh vocals today. And the list doesn't stop with Jeremy Shada.

Even Zeno Robinson, the voice of Goh in the latest series of the long-running Pokémon anime, is on board. Many will recognize him from shows like Ben 10, My Hero Academia, and Netflix's Aggretsuko. You'll even hear classic anime VAs like Yuri Lowenthal, Cassandra Lee Morris, and Ray Chase if you manage to pull their units.

Every single Cookie Run Kingdom character got a new English voice update today.
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But it isn't all just known voice actors helping to bring the game's cast to life. Popular influencers make their Cookie Run Kingdom debut today as well, like Rosanna Pansino as Carrot, InquisitorMaster as Pancake, and LilyPichu as Onion. Michael J Wilson – creator of Dreamworks' Ice Age franchise – has even contributed to the script.

If you haven't yet played this one, know that it ranks highly on our best gacha games list. Cookie Run: Kingdom isn't unlike many of the other stage-based mobile RPGs out there today, but it does have one of the more unique character setups. After witnessing the ancient cookie heroes end the old war, you take control of GingerBrave at a time when a growing evil is threatening the kingdom's long-held peace.

Through a gacha system, you recruit a growing number of cookie warriors to battle your way through 250 stages, PVP brawls, and seasonal events, gathering items and rewards to boost your perfect team to new heights. There's even a city building mechanic in there for good measure, with ways to farm materials whenever you're not playing.

Whether you were waiting on the English voiceover patch or not, there's a reason to get excited: a new promo code! Whack 'REALTOUGHCOOKIES' into the game before this time next month for 500 free Crystals. That's almost enough for a free ten-pull. If you still need a few more gems and in-game goodies, check out our updated Cookie Run: Kingdom codes list for more. And keep our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list open in another tab while you spend them. You won't want to pull in an inferior banner, after all.

If the new English voice acting patch doesn't affect you as a current player, the Super Mayhem: Dragon's Valley content drop just might. Coinciding with the update, this time-limited PVP event gives players the chance to choose their fighters from three teams of five. It's one for the strategy fans.

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