Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's Art - Cookie Rainbow Shroomie Skins

April 8, 2022: You only have a few days left to grab the Shroomie skins. Scroll through the Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's art below to find the next one you want to unlock.

Your Cookies can look very different after consuming Rainbow Shroomies. It can be hard to get enough Shroomies for all of the Cookies, so we have collated all of the Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's art into this guide.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, you work hard to build your kingdom from scratch, defeat evil, and help your Cookies live happy lives. However, now that April Fool's season is upon us, you can team up with Poison Mushroom Cookie to create some mischief.

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The Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's art brings alternate art styles for all 68 cookies currently in the game - sorry, Sonic and Tails! Unlocked by feeding curious fungi to your companions, these toggleable looks range from the absurd and obscure to the absolute adorable. Here are the ones we've unlocked so far.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom April fools day art for Caramel Arrow Cookie.
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Caramel Arrow Cookie

Caramel Arrow Cookie, the game's newest cookie, wasn't spared the Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's art treatment. In it, she can be seen slurping what we can only assume is some kind of caramel bubble tea. Given her usual scowling expression, seeing her enjoy a tasty treat really warms the heart.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom April fools day art for Affogato Cookie.
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Affogato Cookie

Now this one is just mean. It may look like Affogato Cookie is pouring some coffee on a humble little Sugar Gnome (in which case RIP), but it's actually the Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's art for Dark Cacao Cookie. Someone get the knights! He's picking on the king again!

The Cookie Run: Kingdom April fools day art for Eclair Cookie.
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Eclair Cookie

So this one is a little odd. It's well and truly just the standard Eclair Cookie art redone to match the style of the newer Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's art, but it's flipped: but it's also not flipped? He's writing with the same hand, the monocle and hair partings suggest he's flipped, but the scroll isn't. It's very backwards. Or forwards? Write that down.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom April fools day art for Cotton Cookie.
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Cotton Cookie

What a glow up! Our resident Sheppard has lit the way to a gorgeous anime art style, making the Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fool's art event look like a whole new game. Look at her with that sheep! We don't talk about the spirit in the background.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom April fools day art for Adventurer Cookie.
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Adventurer Cookie

The Adventurer has plenty of tales to tell, but the latest one sees him transformed into one of his own artifacts!

Alchemist Cookie

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The Alchemist Cookie is looking like she needs a bit of a break after all that studying. Her new persona looks a bit exhausted!

Almond Cookie

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And here's Almond Cookie, looking like he just stepped out of a noir film in this classy, classic look. It's like something out of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 or even A-Ha's Take on Me music video.

Angel Cookie

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Angel Cookie is looking quite a bit more majestic than we're used to. However, it's nice to see that, no matter how esoteric they become, they're never too regal to wield a twinkly little wand.

And here are the rest of the Cookie Run April Fool's art pieces you'll be able to unlock over the course of the event. Which one is your favourite, and why it is Sorbet Shark?

The Shroomie Shenanigans event is a limited-time April Fools event within Cookie Run: Kingdom. It runs until April 14, 2022. During the event, you need to complete missions to earn Rainbow Shrooms that can be used to prank your unsuspecting cookies.

Take a look at our Cookie Run: Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans guide to learn all about the mission requirements and solutions. Some of them will take patience, some will take a lot of effort, and some will need specific Cookies. It can be hard work, but it's worth it to get up to a little mischief in your Kingdom.

Once you have spread enough mischief throughout the land in Cookie Run: Kingdom, take some time to read the rest of our guides. Learn how to get more pulls with our Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Cutters guide. Also, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom Best Toppings guide to learn which ones provide the best buffs for your favourite characters.

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