Xbox Series X Has Tactile Indicators to Help Visually Impaired Players Plug It In

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Xbox Series X offers a subtle detail to help with accessibility for users with visual impairments.

Revealed on Twitter by Bryce Johnson, Inclusive lead at Microsoft devices, there are subtly raised bumps around the console's ports.


This allows them to be more easily identified through touch as well as sight.

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Xbox Series X Has Tactile Indicators to Help Visually Impaired Players Plug It In

Check out Johnson's tweet below:

Inclusive design tidbit. E suggested we put tactile indicators (for the blind) over the ports of the Xbox Series X, also helps for reach-around cabling. @KaitlynJones_ worked with the design team and our community. It's not a complete solution but we'll see how it does & learn.
— Bryce Johnson (@brycej)
October 9, 2020

Johnson and his team were also responsible for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a piece of hardware that makes it possible for gamers with limited motion and dexterity to be able to play.


It's another great move to allow more people to enjoy videogames.

Also, for what it's worth, the feature is likely to help all owners of the Series X when unplugging and moving the console – fumbling with cables is the worst.

According to Kaitlyn Jones, Program Manager on the Xbox Gaming Accessibility Team, users will be able to feel "a distinct bump 'pattern' for each port type".

It's also interesting to note that Johnson acknowledges that it's not a "complete solution", but the team is hoping to learn from the results.


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