Xbox Series X and S Reviews Leave Microsoft CEO "Delighted"

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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch next month, and Microsoft's CEO has claimed that he's "delighted" with early responses from press and influencers.

On a first-quarter earnings call, Satya Nadella said “We are delighted by early reviews and excitement in the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, which will be the most affordable and the most powerful consoles available.”


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Xbox Series X Early Reviews Leave Microsoft CEO "Delighted"


While many had been concerned that Microsoft would look to leave the console business on the back of a rough generation, it seems the company is pleased at the direction the Xbox team is moving in.


The Xbox Series S will cost £249, making it the lowest-priced next-gen console between both Microsoft and Sony, while the Series X is priced at £449.

Between the two consoles and the Windows PC platform, Microsoft is hoping to entice users into subscribing to Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft recently released a video walkthrough of the Series X console's operating system.

We also know which games will playable at launch, including Smart Delivery titles and games included in Game Pass.


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