Having Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Is "Confusing for Developers and Players" According To David Cage

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Microsoft's strategy of having two next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S) is "confusing" for both developers and gamers, according to Quantic Dream CEO David Cage.

In an interview with Wccftech, Cage suggested that the lower-powered Series S could lead to less innovation for Series X titles.


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David Cage Thinks Microsoft's Console Strategy Is Confusing

Comparing the development process to that of PC games, Cage noted that developing for multiple computer specs is "much more complex".

“When a manufacturer offers two consoles with different specs, there is a strong chance that most developers will focus on the lower-end version to avoid doing two different versions,” he added.


“I must confess that I am really not a big fan of this situation. I think it is confusing for developers, but also for players, and although I can understand the commercial reasons behind this choice, I think the situation is questionable.”

While Quantic Dream had previously been working on PlayStation exclusives, their partnership with Sony expired in 2019, with the studio since releasing a trio of their PlayStation back catalogue on PC.

Following on from PC ports of Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, the team is working on multiplatform releases.

“Regarding Quantic Dream, as we develop our own technology and engines, we are determined to optimize our titles for each platform,” Cage noted. “Being now a PC developer, we are implementing scalable features based on the platform, which is very helpful to highlight what the hardware has best to offer.”


One has to wonder if those scalable features are able to make the transition to Xbox development a little easier on the team.

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