Xbox Series X Controller: AA Batteries Will Be Supported In Microsoft's Next-Generation Gamepad

While the PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate still roams on, Microsoft are keen to share more and more details about their new console.

While it has many new exciting and revolutionary concepts and features, one still remains in place - the use of AA batteries.

Xbox Series X Controller Supports AA Batteries

According to Microsoft's Jason Ronald, both fan and internal feedback were split on the issue, with some preferring the AA option and others keener on a rechargeable internal battery.

By continuing to use AA batteries, it provides the players "flexibility", as they can use those or purchase a rechargeable battery pack.

Alternatively, you can simply plug in a USB cable to play without any battery pack (just be sure not to unplug it mid-game).


Along with a few changes to the controller - such as it being smaller in size to accommodate more hand sizes, a dedicated button to enable easy game capturing and a matte finish on the bumpers and triggers - this could be Xbox's best piece of work in the next generation.

They've taken the familiar design of the Xbox One and smoothed out the edges to improve performance; which is a very smart move on Microsoft's part as they continue to tick all of the boxes.

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