Xbox Series X and Series S: Can You Connect A Bluetooth Headset?

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Xbox Series X and Series S are finally here, and one of the big selling points of both consoles is their seamless compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles, as well as Xbox One accessories.

While the Xbox Series X controller can be used via Bluetooth, however, one big disappointment is that you still can't connect any Bluetooth headphones or headsets to the console.


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Xbox Series X: Bluetooth Headset Guide

Unfortunately, the Xbox Series S and X are unable to connect to earphones via Bluetooth – something the PlayStation 4 was able to do.

That means if you have the popular Apple AirPods or a nice premium headset, you won't be able to connect wirelessly using Bluetooth.


That's a shame, and while the Xbox One controller did receive an update to add a headphone input at the bottom (something which carries over to the Xbox Series S and X), and the controller can be connected to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth, it's simply not possible.

You can still use a wireless headset of course, but these use a USB dongle to receive the signal.

Luckily, we've put together a guide to connect any and all headsets, headphones and speakers to your Xbox Series X or Series S