No, Xbox Series V Isn't Likely To Be A Portable Console

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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are just under a month away, but rumours have long persisted about a Series V.

Originally thought to have been positioned as a cheaper version of the Series X but offering more power than the Series S, a new fan render has set tongues wagging.


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It's Highly Unlikely Xbox Series V Is A Portable Console

You can check out the image below:


Don't get too excited

As gorgeous as the render looks, there are a couple of points worth noting.

For one, and this may just be me, but "first portable Xbox" doesn't necessarily need "ever" at the end, or perhaps "first-ever portable Xbox" would work a little better.

Then there's the obvious investment that Microsoft has made in its Cloud Gaming platform in recent years.


Xbox Game Pass subscribers can stream their games to compatible phones and tablets, negating the need for a portable console.

Still, it's a nice look at what could have been.

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