Xbox Series X Quick Resume: How Good Is It?

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Xbox Series X's Quick Resume is being touted as one of the console's most impressive features in early previews. 

Much has been made of the console's internal SSD drive and its "Velocity Architecture", but aside from much faster loading times, the Series X (and its smaller, disc-less cousin the Series S) will be able to jump between multiple games in seconds.


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Xbox Series X Quick Resume: How Good Is It?

You can check out the feature in action below:



While the Xbox One family of consoles allowed players to jump between games and apps with relative ease, Quick Resume has been compared more to using "Alt + Tab" on a PC.

It allows players to hop out of one game and into another, with each being suspended when not in use.

That means that you may load into Red Dead Redemption 2, hop over to FIFA 21 for a quick game of virtual football with your friend, and then jump back to Red Dead without needing to load in again.

Of course, it remains to be seen how this will work with online-centric games, where players are shunted out of the game world after a period of inactivity.


Multiple previews have suggested that while the change can take a few seconds, it's incredibly impressive.

It also works across every generation of Xbox title, so you can hop between original Xbox classics, 360 games, Xbox One titles you missed out on or brand new Xbox Series S/X titles.

Keep in mind that Quick Resume will let you shuffle between five games at once, which is ideal for anyone that loves to hop in and out of a game (like me, who can't sit still).

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