Xbox Series S Will Offer Just 364GB Of Usable Space, Reports Suggest

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Xbox Series S is launching next week, but it could have a much smaller usable storage space than you were expecting.

According to a Reddit post, the console's 512GB SSD offers just 364GB of usable space.


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Xbox Series S Usable Storage Size Confirmed

If that seems low, that's because it is, and while Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles can be run from relatively inexpensive USB 3.0 hard drives, next-gen games will have to run from the console's internal SSD.

Factor in that the console only plays digital titles, and it's undoubtedly disappointing.


Still, there is one positive, with Microsoft noting that game installs are expected to be 30% smaller on the Xbox Series S than they are on the Xbox Series X, presumably because it won't need 4K textures and the like.

If you are short of storage, Seagate's expansion cards are an option, but these start at £220 for 1TB – so you may be better off springing for the Xbox Series X instead.

In case you're wondering, Microsoft's more expensive console has 802GB of its 1TB drive available, while PS5 will have 664GB.

On a more positive note, we know which games will playable at launch, including Smart Delivery titles and games included in Game Pass.


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