Xbox Game Pass Is "Completely Sustainable" According To Phil Spencer

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has noted that the Xbox Game Pass service is "completely sustainable" at its current price point.

Speaking on the Dropped Frames podcast, Spencer discussed the future of the subscription offering.


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Xbox Game Pass Is "Completely Sustainable"


“I’ll be honest, there are developers that have some concerns [about Game Pass], and my inbox is there, and I have conversations with a lot of those developers asking what are our real long-term goals?” Spencer said on the podcast.


“You know we get questions about ‘hey, is this just some kind of go secure a bunch of players and then rack the price up to a new level?’”

“I say there’s no plan for us to do anything like that [upping the price]. We like the value that Game Pass is today and from a business model it’s completely sustainable the way it is and I mean that.”

That's good news for many subscribers who had wondered if a price increase was on the cards to help recoup some of Microsoft's $7.5 billion investment in ZeniMax Media, meaning Bethesda titles would come to the service on day one.

Spencer later explained that if anything, it allows the company to take more creative liberties.


“The upside is, we can take more creative chances than a pure retail model allows,” Spencer explained.

“We can go and greenlight games because we know we’ll get millions of Game Pass players to engage and play the game.”

Game Pass has been a key pillar of Microsoft's strategy in recent years, but it hasn't all been plain sailing.

Cloud Gaming, a service which allows users to play games from the cloud, is only available on Android after Microsoft and Apple failed to come to an agreement to bring it to iOS.


You can read more about the issues between the companies here.