Xbox 2020 controller: Release Date, Specs, Price, Pre Order, PS5 and More

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With the Xbox Series X now announced for a Holiday 2020 release, the next step in the evolution of console gaming will soon be upon us.

Of course, even as it is guaranteed to be more powerful than the Xbox One X, how it will actually play is another matter. Here’s everything we know about the controller, and what we would like to see.


Xbox Series X Controller

For the most part, the ergonomics of the new Xbox Series X wireless controller will be familiar to current-generation owners. It takes much of the same overall form as the Xbox One’s version, though the overall size and shape has – per Microsoft – “been refined to accommodate an even wider range of people.”

How this will actually shape out is as yet unknown, but it’s safe to anticipate a slightly smaller and more comfortable size. Other features include a PS4-style “share” button to capture or screenshot interesting moments, while the D-Pad will be a circular form closer to the Elite controllers than the cross-shaped interface previously used.

The controller will be compatible with both Xbox and PC.


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Price and Pre-Order

A hard price point has not yet been set for the Xbox Series X’s controller, nor are pre-orders yet available. Current prices for an Xbox One X controller comes out to roughly US$60, and the new controller will likely fall within the same price range.

Xbox All Access subscribers can expect upgrade options starting Holiday 2020.


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