Sony axing PlayStation Communities on PS4

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Sony is removing PlayStation Communities on PS4, the company has announced - with the axe dropping next month.

The social feature, which will no longer be available in April, allowed players to form parties, send each other messages, share screenshots and other activities. 

Sony axing PlayStation Communities on PS4


Although the app was removed in March last year, players were still able to make parties by sorting their friends into groups.

A further blow to PlayStation Communities was dealt when the PS5 was released - as the new console does not support the feature.

There are also no plans that it'll be coming any time soon. It follows Sony removing the ability to buy PS3, PSP, and PS Vita content via a computer or phone.

Elsewhere, grabbing a PS5 is still not as easy as many would have hoped - although there are rumours a massive PS5 stock drop could be expected this week.

Currys, Amazon, Smyths and Argos are thought to be expecting an influx of the sought-after console, which will be music to Sony's ears - as the company confirmed that the "PS5 is being sold at a loss".